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The Cul-De-Sac Kids

The Cul-De-Sac Kids by Beverly Lewis Call Number order Title JUV PB (MYSTERY) 1 The double dabble surprise JUV PB (MYSTERY) 2 The chicken pox panic JUV PB (MYSTERY) 3 The crazy Christmas angel mystery JUV PB (MYSTERY) 4 No grown-ups allowed JUV PB (MYSTERY) 5 Frog power JUV PB (MYSTERY) 6 The mystery of Case D. Luc JUV PB (MYSTERY) 7 The stinky
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Cabin Creek Mysteries

Cabin Creek Mysteries by Kristiana Gregory Call Number order Title 1 The secret of Robber’s Cave JUV PB (MYSTERY) 2 The clue at the bottom of the lake JUV PB (MYSTERY) 3 The legend of Skull Cliff JUV PB (MYSTERY) 4 The haunting of Hillside School JUV PB (MYSTERY) 5 The blizzard on Blue Mountain JUV PB (MYSTERY) 6 The secret of the junkyard
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The Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner Call Number order Title JUV FIC Warner  1 JUV FIC Warner  2 Surprise Island JUV FIC Warner  3 The yellow house mystery JUV FIC Warner  4 Mystery Ranch JUV FIC Warner  5 Mike’s mystery JUV FIC Warner  6 Blue Bay mystery JUV FIC Warner 7 The Woodshed Mystery JUV FIC Warner  8 The lighthouse mystery JUV FIC
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Bailey School Kids

  The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids Call Number order Title JUV PB (MYSTERY)  1 VAMPIRES DON’T WEAR POLKA DOTS JUV PB (MYSTERY)  2 Werewolves don’t go to summer camp JUV PB (MYSTERY)  3 SANTA CLAUS DOESN’T MOP FLOORS JUV PB (MYSTERY)  4 Leprechauns don’t play basketball JUV PB (MYSTERY)  5 GHOSTS DON’T EAT POTATO CHIPS JUV PB (MYSTERY)  6 Frankenstein doesn’t plant
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Adventures of the Northwoods

Adventures of the Northwoods by Lois Walfrid Johnson Call Number order Title JUV PB (MYSTERY) 1 The disappearing stranger    2 Hidden Message JUV PB (MYSTERY)  3 The creeping shadows JUV PB (MYSTERY)  4 The vanishing footprints JUV PB (MYSTERY)  5 Trouble at wild river JUV PB (MYSTERY)  6 The mysterious hideaway JUV PB (MYSTERY)  7 Grandpa’s stolen treasure JUV PB (MYSTERY)  8 The runaway clown JUV PB (MYSTERY)
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A to Z Mysteries

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy Call Number order Title JUV PB (MYSTERY)  1 The absent author JUV PB (MYSTERY) 2 The bald bandit JUV PB (MYSTERY)  3 The canary caper JUV PB (MYSTERY)  4 The deadly dungeon JUV PB (MYSTERY)  5 The empty envelope JUV PB (MYSTERY)  6 The falcon’s feathers JUV PB (MYSTERY)  7 The goose’s gold JUV PB (MYSTERY)  8
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Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes Mystery by Nancy Springer JUV FIC Springer  1 The case of the missing marquess : an Enola Holmes mystery JUV FIC Springer  2 The case of the left-handed lady : an Enola Holmes mystery JUV FIC Springer  3 The case of the bizarre bouquets : an Enola Holmes mystery JUV FIC Springer  4 The case of the peculiar pink fan : an
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Chet Gecko

Chet Gecko Mysteries by Bruce Hale JUV FIC Hale  1 Chameleon Wore Chartreuse, The JUV FIC Hale  2 Mystery of Mr. Nice, The JUV FIC Hale  3 Farewell, My Lunchbag JUV FIC Hale  4 Big Nap, The JUV FIC Hale  5 Hamster of the Baskervilles, The  6 This Gum For Hire  7 Malted Falcon, The  8 Trouble is My Beeswax  9 Give My Regrets
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Chasing Vermeer

Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliet JUV FIC Balliet  1 Chasing Vermeer JUV FIC Balliet  2 Wright 3, The JUV FIC Balliet  3 Calder Game, The