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Jinx by Sage Blackwood JUV FIC Blackwood 1 Jinx JUV FIC Blackwood 2 Jinx’s magic JUV FIC Blackwood 3 Jinx’s Fire

Map to Everywhere, The

The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Ryan 1 The map to everywhere JUV FIC Ryan 2 City of thirst JUV FIC Ryan 3 Shadows of the lost sun JUV FIC Ryan 4 Iron Tide Rising

The Ever Afters

Ever Afters, the by Shelby Bach Call Number  Order Title JUV FIC BACH 1 Of giants and ice JUV FIC BACH 2 Of witches and wind JUV FIC BACH 3 Of Sorcery and Snow JUV FIC BACH 3 Of Enemies and Endings

The Thickety

The Thickety by J. A. White JUV FIC White 1 The Thickety : a Path Begins JUV FIC White 2 The Thickety : the Whispering Trees

Magic Thief

  The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas JUV FIC Prineas  1 The magic thief JUV FIC Prineas  2 Lost JUV FIC Prineas  3 Found JUV FIC Prineas 3 Home  

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Call Number Order Title JUV PB (SERIES)  1 The coming storm JUV PB (SERIES)  2 The siren song JUV PB (SERIES)  3 The pirate chase JUV PB (SERIES)  4 The sword of Cortes JUV PB (SERIES)  5 The age of bronze JUV PB (SERIES)  6 Silver JUV PB (SERIES)  7 City of gold JUV PB (SERIES)  8 The
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The Unwanteds

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann Call Number Order Title JUV FIC McMann  1 The Unwanteds JUV FIC McMann  2 Island of silence JUV FIC McMann  3 Island of fire JUV FIC McMann 4 Island of legends JUV FIC McMann 5 Island of shipwrecks JUV FIC McMann 6 Island of graves JUV FIC McMann 7 Island of dragons

Ashtown Burials

Ashtown Burials by Nathan D. Wilson Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Wilson  1 The Dragon’s Tooth JUV FIC Wilson  2 The Drowned Vault JUV FIC Wilson 3 Empire of Bones  

Magic Tree House

  The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne JUV PB (SERIES)  1 Dinosaurs before dark JUV PB (SERIES)  2 The knight at dawn JUV PB (SERIES)  3 Mummies in the morning JUV PB (SERIES)  4 Pirates Past Noon JUV PB (SERIES)  5 Night of the Ninjas JUV PB (SERIES)  6 Afternoon on the Amazon JUV PB (SERIES)  7 Sunset of the sabertooth JUV
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The Books of Umber

The Books of Umber by P.W. Catanese Call Number order Title JUV FIC Catanese 1 Happenstance found JUV FIC Catanese 2 Dragon games JUV FIC Catanese 3 The end of time