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Igor’s Lab of Fear

Igor’s Lab of Fear by Michael Dahl JUV FIC Dahl   Blood shark! JUV FIC Dahl   A jar of eyeballs JUV FIC Dahl   Ooze is it? JUV FIC Dahl   Werewolf skin


  Goosebumps by R.L. Stine JUV PB (MYSTERY) 1 Welcome to dead house JUV PB (MYSTERY) 2 Stay out of the basement   3 Monster Blood   4 Say Cheese and Die! 5 The curse of the mummy’s tomb   6 Let’s Get Invisible! JUV PB (MYSTERY) 7 JUV PB (MYSTERY) 8 The girl who cried monster   9 Welcome to Camp Nightmare JUV
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