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Chronciles of Prydain

Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander JUV FIC Alexander   Foundling, and Other Tales of Prydain, The JUV FIC Alexander  1 Book of Three, The JUV FIC Alexander  2 Black Cauldron, The JUV FIC Alexander  3 Castle of Llyr, The JUV FIC Alexander  4 Taran Wanderer, The JUV FIC Alexander  5 High King, The  

Children of the Lamp

Children of the Lamp by Philip Kerr JUV FIC Kerr  1 Akhenaten Adventure, The JUV FIC Kerr  2 Blue Djinn of Babylon, The JUV FIC Kerr  3 Cobra King of Kathmandu, The JUV FIC Kerr  4 Day of the Djinn Warriors, The JUV FIC Kerr  5 Eye of the Forest, The JUV FIC Kerr  6 Five Fakirs of Faizabad, The JUV FIC Kerr  7
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Charlie Bone

Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo JUV FIC Nimmo  1 Midnight for Charlie Bone JUV FIC Nimmo  2 Charlie Bone and the Time Twister JUV FIC Nimmo  3 Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy JUV FIC Nimmo  4 Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors JUV FIC Nimmo  5 Charlie Bone and the Hidden King JUV FIC Nimmo  6 Charlie Bone and the Beast JUV
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Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black JUV FIC Black 1 Nixie’s Song, The JUV FIC Black  2 Giant Problem, A JUV FIC Black  3 Wyrm King, The

Araminta Spookie

Araminta Spookie by Angie Sage Call Number order Title JUV FIC Sage 1 My haunted house JUV FIC Sage 2 The sword in the grotto JUV FIC Sage 3 Frognapped JUV FIC Sage 4 Vampire brat JUV FIC Sage 5 Ghostsitters

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer Call Number order Title JUV FIC Colfer 1 Artemis Fowl JUV FIC Colfer 2 Artemis Fowl : the Arctic incident JUV FIC Colfer 3 Artemis Fowl : the eternity code JUV FIC Colfer 4 Artemis Fowl : the opal deception JUV FIC Colfer 5 Artemis Fowl : the lost colony JUV FIC Colfer 6 Artemis Fowl : the time
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