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Harry Potter

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling JUV FIC Rowling  1 Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone JUV FIC Rowling  2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets JUV FIC Rowling  3 Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban JUV FIC Rowling  4 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire JUV FIC Rowling  5 Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix JUV FIC Rowling  6
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Guardians of Ga’Hoole

Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky JUV PB (Animal)  1 The capture JUV PB (Animal)  2 The journey JUV PB (Animal)  3 The rescue JUV PB (Animal)  4 The siege JUV PB (Animal)  5 The shattering JUV PB (Animal)  6 The burning JUV PB (Animal)  7 The hatchling JUV PB (Animal)  8 The outcast JUV PB (Animal)  9 The first collier JUV PB (Animal)
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Edge Chronicles, The

Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart JUV FIC Stewart  1 Beyond the Deepwoods JUV FIC Stewart  2 Stormchaser JUV FIC Stewart  3 Midnight over Sanctaphrax JUV FIC Stewart  4 The curse of the gloamglozer JUV FIC Stewart  5 The last of the sky pirates JUV FIC Stewart  6 Vox JUV FIC Stewart  7 Freeglader JUV FIC Stewart  8 The Winter Knights JUV FIC Stewart  9
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Dark Is Rising, The

The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper JUV FIC Cooper  1 Over sea, under stone JUV FIC Cooper  2 The dark is rising JUV FIC Cooper  3 Greenwitch JUV FIC Cooper  4 The grey king JUV FIC Cooper  5 Silver on the tree

Circle Opens, The

Circle Opens by Tamora Pierce JUV FIC Pierce  1 Magic Steps JUV FIC Pierce  2 Street Magic JUV FIC Pierce  3 Cold Fire JUV FIC Pierce  4 Shatterglass

Circle of Magic

Circle of Magic by Tamora Pierce JUV FIC Pierce 1 Sandry’s Book JUV FIC Pierce  2 Tris’s Book JUV FIC Pierce  3 Daja’s Book JUV FIC Pierce  4 Briar’s Book

Chronciles of Prydain

Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander JUV FIC Alexander   Foundling, and Other Tales of Prydain, The JUV FIC Alexander  1 Book of Three, The JUV FIC Alexander  2 Black Cauldron, The JUV FIC Alexander  3 Castle of Llyr, The JUV FIC Alexander  4 Taran Wanderer, The JUV FIC Alexander  5 High King, The  

Children of the Lamp

Children of the Lamp by Philip Kerr JUV FIC Kerr  1 Akhenaten Adventure, The JUV FIC Kerr  2 Blue Djinn of Babylon, The JUV FIC Kerr  3 Cobra King of Kathmandu, The JUV FIC Kerr  4 Day of the Djinn Warriors, The JUV FIC Kerr  5 Eye of the Forest, The JUV FIC Kerr  6 Five Fakirs of Faizabad, The JUV FIC Kerr  7
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Charlie Bone

  Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo JUV FIC Nimmo  1 Midnight for Charlie Bone JUV FIC Nimmo  2 Charlie Bone and the Time Twister JUV FIC Nimmo  3 Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black JUV FIC Black 1 Nixie’s Song, The JUV FIC Black  2 Giant Problem, A JUV FIC Black  3 Wyrm King, The