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  Seekers by Erin Hunter JUV FIC Hunter  1 Quest Begins, The JUV FIC Hunter  2 Great Bear Lake JUV FIC Hunter  3 Smoke Mountain JUV FIC Hunter  4 Last Wilderness, The JUV FIC Hunter  5 Fire in the Sky JUV FIC Hunter  6 Spirits in the Stars        

Ranger’s Apprentice

Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Flanagan  1 Ruins of Gorlan, The JUV FIC Flanagan  2 Burning Bridge, The JUV FIC Flanagan  3 Icebound Land, The JUV FIC Flanagan  4 Battle for Skandia, The JUV FIC Flanagan  5 Sorcerer of the North, The JUV FIC Flanagan  6 Siege of Macindaw, The JUV FIC Flanagan  7 Erak’s Ransom JUV FIC
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Maude March

Maude March by Audrey Couloumbis JUV FIC Couloumbis 1 The Misadventures of Maude March, or, Trouble Rides a Fast Horse JUV FIC Couloumbis 2 MaudeMarchon the run!, or, Trouble is her middle name

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell JUV FIC Cowell  1 How to train your dragon JUV FIC Cowell  2 How to be a pirate JUV FIC Cowell  3 How to speak Dragonese JUV FIC Cowell  4 How to cheat a dragon’s curse JUV FIC Cowell  5 How to twist a dragon’s tale JUV FIC Cowell  6 A hero’s guide to deadly dragons
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling JUV FIC Rowling  1 Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone JUV FIC Rowling  2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets JUV FIC Rowling  3 Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban JUV FIC Rowling  4 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire JUV FIC Rowling  5 Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix JUV FIC Rowling  6
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Golden Hamster Saga

Golden Hamster Saga by Dietlof Reiche JUV FIC Reiche  1 I, Freddy : book one in the golden hamster saga JUV FIC Reiche  2 Freddy in peril : book two in the Golden Hamster saga JUV FIC Reiche  3 Freddy to the rescue : book three in the golden hamster saga JUV FIC Reiche  4 The haunting of Freddy : book four in the
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Guardians of Ga’Hoole

Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky JUV PB (Animal)  1 The capture JUV PB (Animal)  2 The journey JUV PB (Animal)  3 The rescue JUV PB (Animal)  4 The siege JUV PB (Animal)  5 The shattering JUV PB (Animal)  6 The burning JUV PB (Animal)  7 The hatchling JUV PB (Animal)  8 The outcast JUV PB (Animal)  9 The first collier JUV PB (Animal)
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Edge Chronicles, The

Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart JUV FIC Stewart  1 Beyond the Deepwoods JUV FIC Stewart  2 Stormchaser JUV FIC Stewart  3 Midnight over Sanctaphrax JUV FIC Stewart  4 The curse of the gloamglozer JUV FIC Stewart  5 The last of the sky pirates JUV FIC Stewart  6 Vox JUV FIC Stewart  7 Freeglader JUV FIC Stewart  8 The Winter Knights JUV FIC Stewart  9
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Chronciles of Prydain

Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander JUV FIC Alexander   Foundling, and Other Tales of Prydain, The JUV FIC Alexander  1 Book of Three, The JUV FIC Alexander  2 Black Cauldron, The JUV FIC Alexander  3 Castle of Llyr, The JUV FIC Alexander  4 Taran Wanderer, The JUV FIC Alexander  5 High King, The  

Chet Gecko

Chet Gecko Mysteries by Bruce Hale JUV FIC Hale  1 Chameleon Wore Chartreuse, The JUV FIC Hale  2 Mystery of Mr. Nice, The JUV FIC Hale  3 Farewell, My Lunchbag JUV FIC Hale  4 Big Nap, The JUV FIC Hale  5 Hamster of the Baskervilles, The  6 This Gum For Hire  7 Malted Falcon, The  8 Trouble is My Beeswax  9 Give My Regrets
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