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The Ranger’s Apprentice: The Early Years

Ranger’s Apprentice: the Early Years by John Flanagan Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Flanagan 1 The Tournament at Gorlan

Galaxy Zack

Galaxy Zack by Ray O’Ryan Call Number Order Title JUV FIC O’Ryan 1 Hello, Nebulon! JUV FIC O’Ryan 2

Copernicus Legacy

The Copernicus Legacy by Tony Abbott Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Abbott 1 The Forbidden Stone JUV FIC Abbott 2 The Serpent’s Curse JUV FIC Abbott 3 The Golden Vendetta

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer   JUV E Videau Dora’s Toy Stories JUV E Videau Dora’s Fantastic Tales JUV E Higginson Dora Saves the Enchanted Forest JUV E Cuentos Cuentos de Dora y sus Amigos/ Dora’s Storytime Collection JUV E Paz Dora’s Easter Bunny Adventure JUV E Willson Dora’s Backpack JUV E Ricci Good night, Dora! JUV E Ricci Show me your Smile! JUV E Ricci
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The Hero’s Guide to…

The Hero’s Guide To… by Christopher Healy JUV FIC Healy 1 The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom JUV FIC Healy 2 The Hero’s Guide to Storming the Castle

Shark Wars

Shark Wars by E. J. Altbacker JUV FIC Altbacker 1 Sharkwars JUV FIC Altbacker 2 The Battle of Riptide JUV FIC Altbacker 3 Into the Abyss JUV FIC Altbacker 4 Kingdom of the Deep JUV FIC Altbacker 5 Enemy of Oceans JUV FIC Altbacker 6 The Last Emprex

Map to Everywhere, The

The Map to Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Ryan 1 The map to everywhere JUV FIC Ryan 2 City of thirst JUV FIC Ryan 3 Shadows of the lost sun JUV FIC Ryan 4 Iron Tide Rising

Thrones & Bones

Thrones and Bones by Lou Anders JUV FIC Anders 1 Frostborn JUV FIC Anders 2 Nightborn


Swindle by Gordon Korman JUV FIC Korman 1 Swindle JUV FIC Korman 2 Zoobreak JUV FIC Korman 3 Framed JUV FIC Korman 4 Showoff JUV FIC Korman 5 Hideout JUV FIC Korman 6 Jackpot

39 Clues: Unstoppable

  39 Clues: Unstoppable Call Number Order Title Author JUV FIC Thirty  1 No where to run Jude Watson JUV FIC Thirty  2 Breakaway Jeff Hirsch JUV FIC Thirty  3 Countdown Natalie Standiford JUV FIC Thirty 4 Flashpoint Gordon Korman