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Tales that Wag Note to Parents

Important Information for Parents !

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Thank you for allowing your child(ren) to participate in the Tales that Wag program.


Our primary focus through the program is to make reading fun. The program is open to all children looking for a little extra practice with their reading skills.

Basic guidelines :

The fewer distractions the dogs are faced with, the better they are able to be helpful and attentive to the child they are working with.

The program is designed for the child to read alone with the dog.

The goal is to a build a relationship with the dog.

These dogs provide a reading companion who will not judge them, rush them, or make them feel self-conscious. Handlers will assist the child only as necessary, and only when the child seems to want that help.

Children who are just learning to read, or who do not yet know how to read, will be encouraged to make up a story from the pictures in the book to tell the dog.