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Playaway Digital Books

Playaways are digital recordings of books preloaded into a pocket-sized device. They run on AAA batteries and require ear phones to listen to the story. The unit allows the listener to reverse and fast forward, change the volume, and change the speed of the playback. It also automatically bookmarks the place where the story stopped, and will start at that spot the next time the unit is activated. MPL has added Playaway devices to its collection, starting with over 100 titles available in the Childrens’ department.

Circulation policies:

  • 2 week circulation with 2 renewals and 5 day grace period.
  • They will have a call number and collection code (PLAY) that differentiates them from books on CD or cassette.
  • Users will need to provide their own ear phones or cable for connecting the device to their car stereo or other audio system.
  • Batteries are included with the playaway unit and the public will be notified upon checkout that they need to provide their own batteries if the battery in the unit runs out of power before they finish the story.

This PDF document, Instructions, offers an overview of the buttons on the device and how they are used.

For further information on the Playaway format, visit www.playaway.com.

For a list of the titles currently available in the Children’s Room, visit our catalog for Playaways