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One Book Every Young Child

Read about the Pennsylvania One Book, Every Young Child Program.


If there is a trunk of toys and activities available for a book, the YES! link will let you see a list of the contents of the trunk and whether the trunk is available today.


One Book Every Young Child
Year Call Number Author Title Traveling
2006 JUV E George George, Lindsay Barrett Inside mouse, outside mouse
2007 JUV E Bloom Bloom, Suzanne A splendid friend, indeed YES!
2008 JUV E Ayres Ayres, Katherine Up, down & around YES!
2009 JUV E Minor Minor, Wendell and Florence If you were a penguin YES!
2010 JUV E Hillenbrand Hillenbrand, Jane What a treasure! YES!
2011 JUV E Swinburne Swinburne, Stephen R. Whose shoes?
2012 JUV E Ohora Ohora, Zachariah Stop snoring, Bernard!
2013 JUV E Bloom Bloom, Suzanne The bus for Us
2014 JUV E Stockdale Stockdale, Susan Stripes of All Types
2015 JUV E Pizzoli Pizzoli, Greg Number One Sam