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The Cul-De-Sac Kids

The Cul-De-Sac Kids by Beverly Lewis
Call Number order Title
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 1 The double dabble surprise
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 2 The chicken pox panic
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 3 The crazy Christmas angel mystery
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 4 No grown-ups allowed
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 5 Frog power
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 6 The mystery of Case D. Luc
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 7 The stinky sneakers mystery
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 8 Pickle pizza
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 9 Mailbox mania
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 10 The mudhole mystery
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 11 Fiddlesticks
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 12 The crabby cat caper
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 13 Tarantula toes
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 14 Green gravy
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 15 Backyard bandit mystery
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 16 Tree house trouble
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 17 The creepy sleep-over
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 18 The great T.V. turn-off
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 19 Piggy party
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 20 The Granny game
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 21 Mystery mutt
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 22 Big bad beans
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 23 The upside-down day
JUV PB (MYSTERY) 24 The midnight mystery