Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen and Variants
Author Title
JUV 398.2 Cauley Cauley, Lorinda Bryan The Cock, the mouse, and the little red hen
JUV E R Donehoo Donehoo, Timothy S. The little red hen
JUV 3398.2 Pinkney Pinkney, Jerry The little red hen
JUV E Scarry Scarry, Richard Richard Scarry’s Animal Nursery Tales
JUV 398.2 Zemach Zemach, Margot The little red hen : an old story
Little Red Hen Adaptations
JUV E McGrath McGrath, Barbara Barbieri The little red elf
JUV E Stevens Stevens, Janet Cook-a-Doodle-Doo!
JUV E Sturges Sturges, Philemon The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza)