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Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell JUV FIC Russell 1 Tales from a not-so-fabulous life JUV FIC Russell 2 Tales from a not-so-popular party girl JUV FIC Russell 3 Tales from a not-so-talented pop star JUV FIC Russell 4 Tales from a not-so-graceful ice princess JUV FIC Russell 5 Tales from a not-so-smart Miss Know-It-All JUV FIC Russell 6 Tales from a not-so-happy heartbreaker
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Swindle by Gordon Korman JUV FIC Korman 1 Swindle JUV FIC Korman 2 Zoobreak JUV FIC Korman 3 Framed JUV FIC Korman 4 Showoff JUV FIC Korman 5 Hideout JUV FIC Korman 6 Jackpot

A Is for Amber

  A Is for Amber by Paula Danzinger     Call Number Title JUV E R Danziger It’s Justin Time, Amber Brown JUV E R Danziger What a trip, Amber Brown JUV E R Danziger Get ready for second grade, Amber Brown/  

Ready Freddy

  Ready, Fready! By Abby Klein JUV FIC Klein  1 Tooth trouble JUV FIC Klein  2 The king of show-and-tell JUV FIC Klein  3 Homework hassles JUV FIC Klein  4 Don’t Sit On My Lunch! JUV FIC Klein  5 Talent Show Scaredy-Pants JUV FIC Klein  6 Help! A Vampire’s Coming! JUV FIC Klein  7 Yikes! Bikes! JUV FIC Klein  8 Halloween Fraidy-Cat JUV FIC
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My Weird School Daze

  My Weird School Daze by Dan Gutman JUV PB (SCHOOL)  1 Mrs. Dole is out of control! / JUV PB (SCHOOL)  2 Mr. Sunny is funny! / JUV PB (SCHOOL)  3 Mr. Granite is from another planet! / JUV PB (SCHOOL)  4 Coach Hyatt is a riot! / JUV PB (SCHOOL)  5 Officer Spence makes no sense! / JUV PB (SCHOOL)  6 Mrs.
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Squish by Jennifer Holm JUV 741.5 Holm  1 Super Amoeba JUV 741.5 Holm  2 Brave New Pond JUV 741.5 Holm  3 Power of the Parasite, The JUV 741.5 Holm  4 Captain Disaster JUV 741.5 Holm  5 Game On!


Babymouse by Jennifer Holm Call Number Order Title JUV 741.5 Holm  1 Queen of the World! JUV 741.5 Holm  2 Our Hero JUV 741.5 Holm  3 Beach Babe JUV 741.5 Holm  4 Rock Star JUV 741.5 Holm  5 Heartbreaker JUV 741.5 Holm  6 Camp Babymouse JUV 741.5 Holm  7 Skater Girl JUV 741.5 Holm  8 Puppy Love JUV 741.5 Holm  9 Monster Mash JUV
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My Weird School

  My Weird School by Dan Gutman JUV PB (SCHOOL)  1 Miss Daisy is crazy! JUV PB (SCHOOL)  2 Mr. Klutz is nuts! JUV PB (SCHOOL)  3 Mrs. Roopy is loopy! JUV PB (SCHOOL)  4 Ms. Hannah is bananas! JUV PB (SCHOOL)  5 Miss Small is off the wall! JUV PB (SCHOOL)  6 Mr. Hynde is out of his mind! JUV PB (SCHOOL)  7
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Charlie Joe Jackson

Charlie Joe Jackson by Tommy Greenwald Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Greenwald 1 Charlie Joe Jackson’s guide to not reading JUV FIC Greenwald 2 Charlie Joe Jackson’s guide to extra credit JUV FIC Greenwald 3 Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Summer Vacation JUV FIC Greenwald 4 Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Making Money JUV FIC Greenwald 5 Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Planet
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Keepers of the School

Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Clements 1 We the children JUV FIC Clements 2 Fear itself JUV FIC Clements 3 Thewhites oftheir eyes JUV FIC Clements 4 In harm’s way JUV FIC Clements 5 We Hold These Truths