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Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Call Number Order Title JUV PB (SERIES)  1 The coming storm JUV PB (SERIES)  2 The siren song JUV PB (SERIES)  3 The pirate chase JUV PB (SERIES)  4 The sword of Cortes JUV PB (SERIES)  5 The age of bronze JUV PB (SERIES)  6 Silver JUV PB (SERIES)  7 City of gold JUV PB (SERIES)  8 The
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Land of Stories

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Colfer 1 The Wishing Spell JUV FIC Colfer 2 The Enchantress Returns

Ashtown Burials

Ashtown Burials by Nathan D. Wilson Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Wilson  1 The dragon’s tooth JUV FIC Wilson  2 The drowned vault  

Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne    1 Dinosaurs before dark    2 The knight at dawn    3 Mummies in the morning    4 Pirates Past Noon    5 Night of the Ninjas    6 Afternoon on the Amazon    7 Sunset of the sabertooth    8 Midnight on the moon    9 Dolphins at daybreak    10 Ghost town at
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The Books of Umber

The Books of Umber by P.W. Catanese Call Number order Title JUV FIC Catanese 1 Happenstance found JUV FIC Catanese 2 Dragon games JUV FIC Catanese 3 The end of time


Theodosia by R.L. La Fevers Call Number Order Title JUV FIC La Fevers  1 Theodosiaand the Serpents of Chaos JUV FIC La Fevers  2 Theodosiaand the Staff of Osiris JUV FIC La Fevers  3 Theodosiaand the Eyes of Horus JUV FIC La Fevers  4 Theodosiaand the last pharaoh

Spiderwick Chronicles

Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black JUV FIC Black  1 The fieldguide JUV FIC Black  2 Seeing Stone, The JUV FIC Black  3 Lucinda’s secret JUV FIC Black  4 The Ironwood tree JUV FIC Black  5 The wrath of Mulgarath

Sisters Grimm

Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley JUV FIC Buckley  1 Fairy-Tale Detectives, The JUV FIC Buckley  2 Unusual Suspects, The JUV FIC Buckley  3 Problem Child, The JUV FIC Buckley  4 Once Upon a Crime JUV FIC Buckley  5 Magic and Other Misdemeanors JUV FIC Buckley  6 Tales from the Hood JUV FIC Buckley  7 Everafter War, The JUV FIC Buckley  8 Inside Story, The
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Septimus Heap

Septimus Heap by Angie Sage JUV FIC Sage 1 Magyk JUV FIC Sage 2 Flyte JUV FIC Sage 3 Physik JUV FIC Sage 4 Queste JUV FIC Sage 5 Syren JUV FIC Sage 6 Darke JUV FIC Sage 7 Fyre  

Magician Trilogy

Magician Trilogy by Jenny Nimmo JUV FIC Nimmo  1 Snow Spider, The JUV FIC Nimmo  2 Orchard of the Crescent Moon (1989); Emlyn’s Moon (1987) JUV FIC Nimmo  3 Chestnut Soldier, The