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Wings of Fire

  Wings of Fire by Tui Sutherland JUV FIC Sutherland  1 The dragonet prophecy JUV FIC Sutherland  2 The lost heir JUV FIC Sutherland  3 The hidden kingdom JUV FIC Sutherland  4 The dark secret JUV FIC Sutherland  5 The brightest night JUV FIC Sutherland 6 Moon Rising  

Five Kingdoms

  Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull JUV FIC Mull 1 Sky Raiders JUV FIC Mull 2 Rogue Knight, The  

Land of Stories

The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer Call Number Order Title JUV FIC Colfer 1 The Wishing Spell JUV FIC Colfer 2 The Enchantress Returns JUV FIC Colfer 3 A Grimm Warning


WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi Call Number Order Title JUV FIC DiTerlizzi 1 The Search for WondLa JUV FIC DiTerlizzi 2 A Hero for WondLa

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals Call Number # Title Author JUV FIC Spirit 1 Wild born Brandon Mull JUV FIC Spirit 2 Hunted Maggy Stiefvater JUV FIC Spirit 3 Blood ties Garth Nix JUV FIC Spirit 4 Fire and ice Shannon Hale JUV FIC Spirit 5 Against the tide Tui Sutherland JUV FIC Spirit 6 Rise and Fall Eliot Schrefer JUV FIC Spirit 7 The Evertree Marie
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Books of Elsewhere

Books of Elsewhere by Jacqueline West Call Number Order Title JUV FIC West 1 The shadows JUV FIC West  2 Spellbound JUV FIC West  3 The Second Spy JUV FIC West  4 The strangers JUV FIC West 5 Still Life

Infinity Ring

Infinity Ring Call Number Order Title Author JUV FIC Infinity  1 A mutiny in time James Dashner JUV FIC Infinity  2 Divide and conquer Carrie Ryan JUV FIC Infinity  3 The trap door Lisa McMann JUV FIC Infinity  4 Curse of the ancients Matt de la Pena JUV FIC Infinity  5 Cave of wonders Matthew J. Kirby JUV FIC Infinity  6 Behind Enemy Lines
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Redwall by Brian Jacques Chronological Order Call Number order Title JUV FIC Jacques 1 Lord Brocktree : a tale of Redwall JUV FIC Jacques 2 Martin the Warrior JUV FIC Jacques 3 Mossflower JUV FIC Jacques 4 The legend of Luke JUV FIC Jacques 5 The outcast of Redwall : a tale from Redwall JUV FIC Jacques 6 Mariel of Redwall JUV FIC Jacques
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Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist

Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist by Jim Benton Call Number order Title JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 1 Lunch walks among us JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 2 Attack of the 50-ft. cupid JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 3 The Invisible Fran JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 4 The Fran that Time Forgot JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 5 Frantastic Voyage JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 6 The Fran With
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Warriors Field Guides

Warriors Field Guides by Erin Hunter JUV FIC Hunter  1 Secrets of the Clans JUV FIC Hunter  2 Cats of the Clans JUV FIC Hunter  3 Code of the Clans JUV FIC Hunter  4 Battles of the Clans