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The Rescue Princesses

  The Rescue Princesses by Paula Harrison JUV FIC Harrison  1 The secret promise JUV FIC Harrison  2 The wishing pearl JUV FIC Harrison  3 The moonlight mystery JUV FIC Harrison  4 The stolen crystals JUV FIC Harrison  5 The snow jewel JUV FIC Harrison  6 Magic Rings, The JUV FIC Harrison  7 Lost Gold, The JUV FIC Harrison  8 Shimmering Stone, The JUV
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Elephant and Piggie

Elephant and Piggie by Mo Willems Call Number Title JUV E R Willems   Are you ready to play outside? JUV E R Willems   A big guy took my ball! JUV E R Willems   Can I play too? JUV E R Willems   Elephants cannot dance! JUV E R Willems   Happy Pig Day! JUV E R Willems   I am going!
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Megamorphs by K. A. Applegate Call Number order Title JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 1 The andalite’s gift JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 2 In the Time of Dinosaurs JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 3 ELFANGOR’S SECRET JUV PB (SCIENCE FICTION) 4 BACK TO BEFORE