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Swindle by Gordon Korman JUV FIC Korman 1 Swindle JUV FIC Korman 2 Zoobreak JUV FIC Korman 3 Framed JUV FIC Korman 4 Showoff JUV FIC Korman 5 Hideout JUV FIC Korman 6 Jackpot

Something Wickedly Weird

  Something Wickedly Weird by Chris Mould JUV FIC Mould 1 The wooden mile JUV FIC Mould 2 The icy hand JUV FIC Mould 3 The silver casket JUV FIC Mould 4 The darkling curse JUV FIC Mould 5 The smugglers’ mine JUV FIC Mould 6 The treasure keepers    

39 Clues: Unstoppable

  39 Clues: Unstoppable Call Number Order Title Author JUV FIC Thirty  1 No where to run Jude Watson JUV FIC Thirty  2 Breakaway Jeff Hirsch JUV FIC Thirty  3 Countdown Natalie Standiford JUV FIC Thirty 4 Flashpoint Gordon Korman  

39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers

  39 Clues: Cahill Vs. Vespers Call Number Order Title Author JUV FIC Thirty  1 The Medusa plot Gordon Korman JUV FIC Thirty  2 A king’s ransom Jude Watson JUV FIC Thirty  3 The dead of night Peter Lerangis JUV FIC Thirty  4 Shatterproof Roland Smith JUV FIC Thirty  5 Trust no one Linda Sue Park JUV FIC Thirty  6 Day of doom David
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39 Clues: Cahill Files

  39 Clues: The Cahill Files Call Number Order Title Author JUV FIC Thirty  1 Operation Trinity Clifford Riley JUV FIC Thirty  2 Spymasters Clifford Riley    

Five Kingdoms

  Five Kingdoms by Brandon Mull JUV FIC Mull 1 Sky Raiders JUV FIC Mull 2 Rogue Knight, The  

Jigsaw Jones

Jigsaw Jones by James Preller JUV PB (MYSTERY)  1 Case of Hermie the Missing Hamster, The JUV PB (MYSTERY)  2 Case of the Christmas Snowman, The JUV PB (MYSTERY)  3 Case of the Secret Valentine, The JUV PB (MYSTERY)  4 Case of the Spooky Sleepover, The JUV PB (MYSTERY)  5 The case of the stolen baseball cards JUV PB (MYSTERY)  6 Case of the
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Genius Files

Geinus Files, The by Dan Gutman JUV FIC Gutman  1 Mission Unstoppable JUV FIC Gutman  2 Never Say Genius JUV FIC Gutman  3 You Only Die Twice JUV FIC Gutman  4 From Texas with Love

Imagination Station

Imagination Station by Marianne Hering JUV PB (SERIES)  1 Voyage with the Vikings JUV PB (SERIES)  2 Attack at the arena JUV PB (SERIES)  3 Peril in the palace JUV PB (SERIES)  4 Revenge of the Red Knight JUV PB (SERIES)  5 Showdown with the shepherd JUV PB (SERIES)  6 Problems in Plymouth JUV PB (SERIES)  7 Secret of the prince’s tomb

39 Clues

39 Clues by Various Authors Call Number Order Title Author JUV FIC Thirty-nine  1 Maze of Bones, The Rick Riordan JUV FIC Thirty-nine  2 One False Note Gordon Korman JUV FIC Thirty-nine  3 Sword Thief, The Peter Lerangis JUV FIC Thirty-nine  4 Beyond the Grave Jude Watson JUV FIC Thirty-nine  5 Black Circle, The Patrick Carmen JUV FIC Thirty-nine  6 In Too Deep Jude
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