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Pet Show Gallery

The Children’s Pet Show is an annual event, usually held the Saturday after the July 4th holiday.  The date for 2014 is July 12.

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, home of Dad’s Pet Products, co-sponsors the show and they provide ribbons and trophies for the pets to win.

The show is for family pets, with six categories of prizes for cats, six for dogs and six for the other pets.  The show is held in the library’s side yard.

Preregistration is required.

Photos from pst shows are at the links below.

2003 Pet Show
2004 Pet Show
2005 Pet Show
2006 Pet Show
2007 Pet Show
2008 Pet Show
2009 Pet Show
2010 Pet Show
2011 Pet Show
2012 Pet Show
2013 Pet Show
2014 Pet Show
2015 Pet Show
2016 Pet Show